Adventures On The Forbidden Fert-Isle Part 1!

Fert Isle 1 final V2

Part 1 of a brand new series out today! Get your copy here, or read it for free with a Kindle Unlimited subscription.

New day, new series! This one’s a hot set of stories to get you right into a summer mood early and prepare you for all the sexy summer adventures you’re going to get up to as the world returns to normal and the temperature heats up.

In this first chapter, we meet an overworked and stressed girl who’s just looking for a nice, quiet relaxing holiday. A little weekend break to take her mind off her work and leave her calm and relaxed, ready to face the world again come the following week.

Little does she realize she’ll have anything but peace.

The moment she steps off the airplane dark, primal urges take control of her. Making her want some very naughty things and be overwhelmed by even dirtier dreams. Her friend at work had hinted at something being different about this island but she definitely didn’t tell her just how bad she’d want to do things she would never normally even think of back at home.

This series is a return to my Fertile Fantasies style of writing, focusing on basic, primal urges overtaking a person’s actions and the resulting rapid, magical pregnancy which results from giving in to those desires!

I hope you enjoy reading the coming steamy stories as much as I enjoy writing them. Look out for the adventures of more hapless visitors to the island and what the urge to breed does to them.

Stay kinky!


“Tell me, have your fantasies and urges been a bit more… err, primal since you got here?” I stumbled over the word, my face drifting closer to his as I shifted into a kneeling position.
“Do you mean… like…” He was struggling to voice his urges too, as he leaned sideways closer to me.
“I mean, do you want to put a baby in every girl you see here on the island?” I whispered, our lips mere inches from each other now.
“I do,” He confirmed, his face full of shock rather than need. “That’s kinda messed up, isn’t it?” He sighed, almost in defeat, his eyes and face lowering.
“It’s ok. I want it, too.” I spoke softly, lifting his chin with my fingers till we were gazing deep into each other’s eyes.
My heart threatened to explode out of my chest and my pussy was about to drench my bikini briefs so much there’d be no cleaning them if I didn’t have him deep inside of me in the next few minutes.
Taking the initiative, I lunged forward, my tongue desperately seeking his as I went directly for a passionate, open-mouthed kiss.
He reacted with shock initially, gasping into me before I felt his entire body rise to meet mine and his gasp morphed into a satisfied sigh.
I matched it with one of my own, as I was finally within reach of getting what my body needed once again.

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