Who’s Going To Carry The Baby? (Bundle)

Who's Going To Carry The Baby Bundle

The 3 part bundle for Who’s Going To Carry The Baby is out today! The entire trilogy in one handy-dandy readable package… a bundle if you will! Read it here! (Free with Amazon Kindle)

Another bundle of fun out today! This one collects the “Who’s Going To Carry The Baby” series, a fun, erotic look at how a couple solves their baby woes and problems.

Joanna and Allan Pounder (kinda proud of the surname, I’m not going to lie!) want kids, but she doesn’t want to carry them. Enter a magical solution – Allan gradually becomes Alana, and Joanna grows something a little ‘extra’ to help impregnate the woman her husband has become.

This trilogy was loads of fun to write, I explored the characters emotions a little more, but still wrote some seriously hot scenes for them to explore things!

Stay kinky!


“Fuck, they look good enough to eat…” I gasped, the sight of Alana’s breasts sending a surge of pleasure to my cock.
“That’s what I wanted to show you. Are you ready?” Alana teased.
Without waiting for an answer, they squeezed the entire fleshy globe of both breasts in their hands, sighing with delight as they did.
“Mmm, are you putting on a show for me?” I raised an eyebrow as my length twitched and surged in my hand.
Alana didn’t reply. They just kept pressing and kneading their breasts, causing their nipples to tent into hard, dark little bullets.
Standing across from them and enjoying the show, I moved closer to get a better view. That’s when Alana’s ‘surprise’ hit me.
Eyes closed, and taking the nipples between their thumb and forefinger like a vice, my husband pinched their nipples hard, sending a thin arc of milk flying straight toward me, splashing on my clothing.
“Holy shit!”

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