Who’s Going To Carry The Baby? The Final Part!

Who's Carrying The Baby pt 3

The third and final part of the husband and wife genderswap series: Who’s Going To Carry The Baby? is out today! Read it here (free with Kindle Unlimited)

In the final part of the trilogy, we join the couple a few months after part two. Joanna’s husband, Allan (who now prefers to go by the name Alana) isn’t having any fun being pregnant, and Alana’s got problems of her own. Mainly her out of control libido and the fact she’s finding everyone she sees as a potential for… relief.

Confessing her problems to Echo, she finds that there may be a potion to reverse the effects of the transformation both her and Alana have gone through, and they can go back to the roles they had before everything happened once the baby is born.

But, is that something she wants? Is it what Alana wants? There’s some pretty tough decisions to be made for our couple, in amongst all the steamy scenes and discovering all the fun new ‘quirks’ of Alana’s pregnant body.

This trilogy finishes with a really beautiful ‘Happy Ever After’ moment, and I’m really proud of the character arc I’ve written for our two protagonists. I hope you enjoy it and come back for more stories as I write them!

Stay Kinky!


Dashing into a stall, I slammed the door behind me and fumbled with my zip with the desperation of a diver needing oxygen.
Whilst still standing, I pushed my back into the wooden frame and wrestled with my clothes.
My cock was so big, and so hard, it was quite a struggle to release it from the prison of my clothing. The moment I’d pushed my zip up and over the large bump, and ripped my panties off, it sprang into view.
“Oh, fuck…” I gasped, louder than I realised as a sense of relief washed over me. “That’s what I need…” I hissed, wrapping my fingers around my straining length and slowly pumping my sensitive shaft.
The sensation of being released from my clothing was indescribable, like taking a deep gulp of air after days of being cooped up indoors. Coupled with the sheer pleasure flooding throughout me of simply touching myself, I was gasping with pleasure in no time.
My other hand wandered down to join the one wanking me, feeling my balls and stroking their sensitive underside.
“Oh, fuck am I ever full…”

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