Who’s Going To Carry The Baby? Part 1!

Who's Carrying The Baby

Out today! The first part in another sexy trilogy! Read it here. (free with Kindle Unlimited)

Who’s going to carry the baby tell the story of couple where the man (Allan) would love children but his wife (Joanna) isn’t so keen on carrying them. What to do? In true ‘Phoenix Rose’ style the solution involves a dash of magic and LOTS of sexy explorations!

This first part sets out our story, introducing the characters and the initial ‘swapping’. There’s plenty of explicit fun in this one but it’s only the beginning. Stay tuned for more adventures as this sexy couple delves deeper into their role reversal. Not to be missed if you’re a fan of hot sex wrapped up with a loving couple intimately sharing new experiences!

Stay Kinky!


“Oh, fuck! I’ve got balls, too!” I squeaked.
Allan bit his lip suggestively and a cruel smirk curled the corners of my lips.
However horny the transformation had made me, it appeared to have worked its magic on him, too.
“You want me to empty them into you, don’t you?” I teased. He nodded submissively, his lips pressed tightly together as he internally struggled with what had just happened to him and what his new body wanted.
“You want to feel this inside of you, too. Don’t you?” I hissed, curling my fingers around my new cock and feeling its satisfying girth fill my palm as my pulse thrummed throughout the entire length.
“Mmhm…” He nodded, biting his lip cutely, his hips swaying automatically as he waited patiently for me to give him what he suddenly craved.
“Aw, does your new pussy feel a little… empty?” I mocked, pulling on my cock and letting out a primal growl from somewhere deep in my throat.
His eyes widened. Hearing me say your pussy hit him hard.
His fingers stopped their little dance over the surface and curled up underneath him, pausing for a moment at his new entrance before he bravely penetrated himself from underneath.
“Oh, fuck. It’s so wet. And hot…” He gasped, his own fingers providing him more pleasure than he realised his body could receive.
“Taste yourself.”

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