The Futa Farm Bundle

The Futa Farm bundle

Another day, another bundle… of sexy fun! This time in the form of the Futa Farm series. All three smutty tales packaged together lovingly for your reading pleasure. Get it here.

Mary’s not had any in a while. And she definitely hasn’t had a chance to ever explore her breeding fantasy. That is, until her friend Gabby points her in the direction of a place where such things are positively encouraged. Not only that, Mary will find out that futas aren’t consigned to myth and legend. They’re very real, and a good deal bigger than she ever thought they would be…

The Futa farm bundles together Mary’s first visit; inexperienced and her first time with the beautiful Futa, Summer. She then encourages her friend Gabby to join her for even more fun. Lastly, heavily pregnant and wanting more, she enlists the help of numerous futas. Not before she gets roped into helping milk them of the contents of their full breasts, though…

This series was serious hot to write, and I hope you find that comes across when you’re reading it!

Take care, stay kinky, and I’ll see you in the next story!


Being fucked in both ends at the same time was one of my all-time top fantasies, and my climax continued to wax and wane within me in time with their thrusts. It felt as if I’d never fully came down from the first orgasm when my pussy had been entered, and now my body was continually shaking and pulsing with sexual energy non-stop.
I was drooling and slobbering around the cock in my mouth and grinding my hips back into the one behind me whilst other futas stroked and touched every inch of my skin and sucked my hanging, restrained breasts.
I was in fucking heaven.
I was exactly where I wanted to be.
“That’s it, fuck her. Fuck her hard…” I heard Gabby cry out in front of me, her voice filled with lust as it sounded like her own orgasm was fast approaching. I opened my eyes to see it tear through her, her legs trembling and knees locking, and it triggered the futa behind me’s climax.
With an extra powerful, deep thrust, the contents of her balls were emptied inside of me and I went completely limp, surrendering totally to the onslaught of her repeated thrusts. I felt jet after jet of hot seed splashing against my internal walls and I moaned loudly around the thick meat filling my mouth.
She barely finished shooting her load in me when the second cock exploded, its contents coating my mouth in violent, explosive torrents. I swallowed as much as I possibly could, but there was just so much of the stuff a lot of it pushed its way out of the corners of my mouth and ran down my chin.
I must have looked so fucking slutty. And I couldn’t be happier about it.
I was finally getting what I wanted.
What my pregnancy hormone enhanced brain needed.
What my body craved.
“Fuck you look so fuckin’ hot!” Gabby hissed loudly, her voice carrying above the noise of all the assembled futas moans and gasps of delight and anticipation. “Like a tied up pregnant breeding whore!” She continued to gasp, more to herself than anyone else as she continued to fuck herself with her fingers.
“That’s what I am!” I echoed her comment. “Who’s next!” I issued the invitation as the futa behind me withdrew her cock and the one in front of me stepped away, cum dripping sleazily from the entire length of her massive cock.

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