Sharing My Pregnant Co-Worker With My Husband

PR Sharing My Pregnant Co-Worker With My Husband LIGHTER

New book out today! Read it for free with Kindle Unlimited by clicking on the pic or here.

Nice and quick story out today, no sci-fi or magic in this one. Just a kinky couple sharing their bed with a heavily pregnant friend who has an itch she can’t scratch…

I hope you enjoy this one, going back to kinky couples exploring stuff together in a loving situation is what I’m all about. Just because you’re in a relationship doesn’t mean things have to be boring, in fact, I’ve found things to be quite the opposite! The longer you’re with someone, if you’re both open and honest about your fantasies and desires and approach each other with non-judgement and a sense of love, things can get kinkier and kinkier! That’s why this book finishes with a happy ever after ending and room to set up a sequel (if it sells well – isn’t really a money thing but who wants to write books nobody’s reading? Not me!)

As always, thanks for the continued support, sales, page reads and love. Y’all are fantastic, even if we only ever connect through words; me writing and you reading. But we still get to share something. And that’s kinda amazing.

Stay kinky!


“My turn now…” Troy snarled, lifting himself higher and moving closer to our guest, his crotch coming in line with hers.
“Yes, yes, yes!” Jennie panted, her voice filled with excitement and anticipation, “Fuck me, please!” Her head was craned up to see what my husband was doing, but I imagined she couldn’t see much behind the huge bump of her pregnant belly.
I, on the other hand, had a front-row seat to watch my hubby’s gorgeous, thick cock slip effortlessly into Jennie’s wet hole.
I let out a sigh as I watched her lips parting around his bulbous head, allowing him deeper inside of her, and I couldn’t help my hand from moving in my panties once again, desperate for yet more pleasure.
“Oh… fuck…” Jennie gasped, her entire body writhing with pleasure the second Troy’s cock pushed its way into her.
A long, hissing exhale left my husband’s mouth, too, and I knew Jennie’s pussy must have felt amazing wrapped around his cock. He loved it when he got to fuck a girl raw, and with Jennie being pregnant and practically celibate for at least the last nine months, he was free to fuck her with no protection.
“That looks so fucking hot…” I hissed, raking my nails down Troy’s back as I drew up behind him.
“Feels pretty fucking good, too!” He called back, craning his head around to kiss me as he continued to fuck Jennie.
Our lips parted, and I looked down from his vantage point, enjoying the sight of his cock disappearing in and out of my pregnant friend.
“Looks like she’s enjoying it, too.” I purred into his ear as I drew his attention toward Jennie’s open mouthed expression of pure pleasure.

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