His Futa Boss Bundle!

His Futa Boss Bundle template

Out today! The entire ‘His Futa Boss’ trilogy. All together in one big, sexy bundle for your reading convenience! Get your copy here.

All three stories together! Each story could be read as a ‘standalone’ tale but together they form a narrative showing our hero’s journey from nervous intern, to feminized, to genderswapped to pregnant. That’s quite a journey! And, of course, plenty of opportunities for sexy shenanigans along the way!

Shane Bennett and Sasha Gunnar’s tale is one full of fun, surprising twists, filthy dialogue and even filthier situations. I hope if you’re reading this (and then read the books) you enjoy them, I had a blast writing them and hopefully that’s evident within the pages of the book!

Thanks for your continued support, y’all rock!

Stay kinky!


I felt her length expand wildly inside of me, the telltale sign she was emptying her balls deep into my pussy. She was so deep inside of me, with every thrust pounding even harder, I knew her load was going to be splashing all over my cervix, right where we both wanted it to be. Where my body craved it to be.
“Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!” I panted at her as my own continuous climax overwhelmed me. “Empty your balls in me and breed me! Make me your little breeding bitch!” I shrieked, the sheer filth coming out of my mouth surprising me but turning me on even more.
The effect it had on Sasha was impressive, too. Her thrusts continued to slam her body against mine as I felt her hot seed jettison itself deep into me in forceful, boiling hot jets.
Her moans, groans, howls and shrieks matched my own and I was sure the entire neighbourhood could hear our raw, primal, unprotected fucking.
As we both came down off our respective crests of climactic pleasure, I didn’t care who heard us. I smiled with bliss up at my Mistress, who’d stopped thrusting but remained firmly inside of me.
“Such a dirty mouth on such a good little girl…”

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