Ganged And Pregnant Down On The Futa Farm

Futa Farm 3

The final part of The Futa Farm trilogy is out today! Read it here (or click the pic – it’s the same link!)

Mary’s urges have been growing as fast as her tummy during her pregnancy and there’s one fantasy she’s desperate to explore before she gets too big to try it… a futa gang-bang!

Despite numerous return visits to the Futa Farm, sometimes accompanied by her best friend Gabby, Mary still hasn’t mustered up enough courage to take on more than one futa at a time.

As her due date draws near and her urges become much more primal, urgent and overwhelming, will she be able to throw caution to the wind and just go for it?

As with the other parts, this can be read as a standalone tale or, alternatively, if you start here you might like to read the other two as prequels!

Thanks for the continued love, support, sales and page reads.

Stay kinky!


“So many futas to pleasure and only so many holes…” I heard Gabby declare in the sleaziest tone of voice I’d ever heard leave her mouth. But there’s still one hole left wide open…” She added, and I froze as I realised what she meant.
Approaching me closer, she stopped the futa face-fucking me for a moment to stroke her finger all around my face, scooping as much cum from it as possible to use as a lubricant for my tight asshole.
Moving gracefully around me, her hand swept underneath me and caught more of the seed which was leaking out of my well-used hole.
She spread the thick, sticky substance all over my forbidden hole as two futas held my cheeks open to provide her better access.
Then a huge shape was being pressed against my tight hole, one I could only assume was another futa cock. Somehow they’d positioned themselves above and in front of the futa fucking my pussy and there were now two enormous cocks demanding satisfaction behind me.
I’d never had anal sex before, but I was in no position to refuse. My mouth was so full of cock I couldn’t do vocally protest and my body completely restrained so I couldn’t move.
Nor would I want to.
Suddenly, the concept of taking yet another cock inside of me, and in a hole which had been unused until this day, felt like the most natural and desirable thing in the world.
Then the huge shape pushed its way inside of me. Slowly, agonisingly slowly. Inch by inch whilst the cock in my pussy remained still to allow its entry.

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