Fun With A Friend On The Futa Farm!

Futa Farm 2

The second part of ‘The Futa Farm’ series is out today! Read it here with a Kindle Unlimited subscription (or buy it for kinky keeps!)

In the second part, our heroine Mary finds herself pregnant from her first visit. Pregnant and horny as hell!

Confessing everything to her best friend Gabby, their conversations become increasingly flirty and Mary convinces Gabby to join her when she next visits the farm.

Gabby, although reluctant when first arriving at the farm, soon becomes unable to resist the beautiful futas they have there for visitors personal ‘use’.

What happens next is a seriously hot threesome with two horny girls and one insatiable and well hung futa!

Fun With A Friend On The Futa Farm can be enjoyed as a standalone story or as the second part of the Futa Farm series.

Stay kinky!

“You’re right, Mary.” Gabby whispered as Lora busied herself with some task or another off in a corner, “These are the biggest dicks I’ve ever seen. On anyone.”
I smiled and slipped in beside her, my fingers tracing down her arm as I pulled her close to me.
“Wait till you feel one inside of you… and then wait till you feel it coming inside of you…” I purred, my pussy soaking through my panties as the futa looked like she was approaching an orgasm.
“Fuck, yes please…” Gabby’s smile turned into something darker, more suggestive, and her entire demeanour changed. I realised she was as desperate as me to experience something special with one of these futas, and she knew there was no going back now. This was happening.
We continued to watch the futa put on a show for us; her face twisted in ecstasy as her self-pleasure built to an inevitable climax. We couldn’t hear any sounds, thanks to the glass separating us, but we knew she was close to coming.
Her orgasm announced itself with the slap of one hand against the glass dramatically to remain standing whilst thick, dirty, white creamy jets flew out of the tip of her cock with such force they splashed against the glass and splattered everywhere in a wide radius.
“Fucking hell! That is a lot of cum…”

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