Fertile Fun Down On The Futa Farm!

Futa Farm 1

Fertile fun down on the futa farm is out now! Read it here. Free if you’re a Kindle Unlimited Subscriber.

I’ve moved away from the office/workplace for this one and decided the futas should get some good, clean, country air! Whilst still getting up to filthy adventures, of course.

This trilogy introduces us to Mary, a shy, retiring type who once (mistakenly) admitted her breeding fetish to her best friend, Gabby.

Gabby, being much more adventurous and forward, may have found an answer to Mary’s dry spell… The Futa Farm!

After giving her the details, it’s up to Mary to decide what to do with them. Being one of my stories, y’all know she’s gonna be daring and investigate the existence of the farm! Cue naked futas tied up in a field being milked! Cue sexy breeding times with a beautiful futa! Cue an increased interest in sex from Mary and a burning desire to try more…

I hope y’all enjoy the change in scenery in this one and eagerly await the next part of the tale.

As I neared the group, I couldn’t help shake the feeling at least some of them were completely naked. Either that or they were wearing something very similar to skin coloured clothing.
“Nope, naked.” I mumbled quietly to myself as the shapes of three tall, athletic looking women came fully into view. Their hands behind their backs, tied to small wooden stumps protruding from the ground about a foot or two to the side of them. They were all gorgeous looking, tanned skin, ripped physiques and beautiful faces.
They were also incredibly well hung. Every single one of them.
A jolt of pure lust shot straight to my pussy and my mouth fell open as my eyes travelled over their gorgeous, feminine bodies to their impressive sized cocks. They would have been an imposing sight protruding from a male body, but they looked somehow even bigger sticking out from a female one. I couldn’t help but notice every one of them was fully erect.
My heart leapt into my chest as I caught myself veering toward them, but I snapped back to reality just in time to correct the wheel. As my tires screeched back onto the dirt road a woman appeared from behind the girl in the middle, standing and waving like it was the most normal thing ever she was sharing a field with three fully naked, fully erect, tied up girls with dicks.
I noticed she was fully clothed but wearing long, elbow length, black rubber gloves and carrying a small bucket as I returned her wave and sank sheepishly low back into my seat and carried on driving up to the main farm building.
Keeping one eye on her in my rear-view mirror, I watched with bated breath as she returned to her small, wooden stool behind the middle figure, her hand creeping up her thigh till it looked like she must have at least a few fingers buried deep inside her. Whether her digits were in her pussy or ass, I couldn’t honestly tell.
Then the realisation of what was going on hit me.
She was milking them.

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