Made Pregnant By His Futa Boss!

Made Pregnant By His Futa Boss

The third and final part of ‘His Futa Boss’ is out now! Read it here (free with Kindle Unlimited)

In the final part of the series, which can be read as a stand-alone story, Shane starts the tale transformed as woman.

Confused about his feelings for his boss and Mistress, Shane must decide whether to confess everything he’s feeling or keep it to himself. Also, he’s conflicted by her deception regarding the nature of how ‘complete’ his transformation would be – going much further than just clothing and submission.

The next part of Sasha’s plans and desires are revealed in the heat of the moment and Shane will have even more soul searching ahead of him.

Should he submit completely, letting his Mistress change his body and life once again – this time carrying a life for her and becoming her pregnant submissive.

It was a lot of fun writing this finale, both the steamy scenes and the more tense, emotionally charged conflicts. I hope you enjoy reading it and come back for more stories in the near future.

My wrists and ankles both bound and secure, my Mistress then pulled on the straps, raising my legs till they were bound up tight, my ankles near my head and my pussy open and exposed below me as my legs were pulled open wide.
I felt so vulnerable in this position.
And I loved it.
My breathing sped up, along with my heart rate, and moisture began pouring from my pussy. So much so, I could feel the excess running out of me and forming a tiny river which flowed between the crease of my butt cheeks.
“Mmm, good little sub. All tied up and ready for my cock.” She announced, her voice filled with pride. That’s when she asked me if it had been a ‘good idea’ to wait.
“I… I think so…” I stuttered as I watched her disrobe, her cock springing out from the tight confines of her panties, “You certainly did it fast… lots of practice, Mistress?” I dared to ask, a hint of bratty attitude present in my voice.
“Actually, you’re the first I’ve had back to my place. And the first I’ve tied up like this.” She spoke casually, her thick cock looking impressive in her fist as she pumped it up and down whilst drinking in the sight of my cunt splayed wide open and eagerly awaiting her.
“But, you are right, I’ve practiced a lot with the equipment. Making sure it fastens, what goes where, that sort of thing. Only without a ‘willing’ participant…” She hissed, “I was just waiting for the right one to try it out with.” She added, her voice softening.
My heart swelled with the compliment almost at the same rate as the idea of being her ‘first’ was arousing me.
“So, was it worth the wait? How do I look?” I taunted, turning the question back at her whilst attempting to wiggle my hips as much as possible; not an easy task when bound in such a restrictive position.
“Good enough to fuck a baby into…”

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