Feminized and Genderswapped By His Futa Boss

Feminised and Genderswapped By His Futa Boss

The second part of the series ‘His Futa Boss’ is out today! Read it here.

This is the second part of a trilogy but all of the stories are designed to be able to be read independently as they all scratch a slightly different ‘itch’. 😉

In this book you’ll find our hero, Shane Bennett, settling into his role as the beautiful Futa boss Sasha’s submissive. Tending to her daily ‘need’s has become the norm during his average workday and he couldn’t be happier.

Then Sasha pushes things further. Part of the ‘Fast-tracked Empowerment Management Program (FEM for short – I’m so proud of the anacronym it’s a little sad) is to become more of a girl for Sasha.

Starting innocently enough, it’s just feminine underwear Shane has to wear. Then full outfits. Then he finds his entire body is changing. Becoming more and more submissive. More and more…girly.

I hope you enjoy reading this part as much I did writing it!

Stay kinky!


I stayed completely still, Sasha behind me and both of her hands coaxing indescribable pleasure effortlessly out of me.
Without warning, in a move designed to show me just exactly who was in charge, she ripped my shirt open. Buttons pinged everywhere as I gasped at the show of force. I was putty in her hands and she knew it.
All questions, all protests about what she’d done to me were lost as she shoved me forward till I landed on her desk, my palms halting my descent. Sasha was back behind me within a moment, her hands roughly pulling my skirt higher and yanking my panties down to my ankles with a desperation which mirrored my own.
The only sound in the room was our heavy breathing, coming in short, sharp gasps. I pressed into her desk till my knuckles turned white and waited for the inevitable.
“You look so fucking sexy bent over my desk like the good little girl you are!” Sasha panted, her voice filled with uncharacteristic enthusiasm. I quivered internally at the effect I was having on her and wiggled my bum at her enticingly.
She took the hint instantly. I felt the sting of her palm against my bare flesh.
I shrieked with a mixture of pain and pleasure and stayed perfectly still.
“Mmm, you like that?” Sasha purred, checking for confirmation by running her fingers across my now soaking wet pussy lips.
“Yes. Yes, Mistress. More please…” I whimpered, my voice sounding small and pathetic. I wanted her to do everything she wanted to me in this new body.
Spank me.
Touch me.
Fuck me.

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