Dominated By His Futa Boss

The first in a new trilogy is out now! Read it here, exclusively on Amazon (Free for Kindle Unlimited readers)

Shane Bennett is desperate to get the job. He’s going to find out that his new boss Sasha Gunnar is going to make him desperate to please her every twisted desire, too…

Bringing out his inner submissive, Sasha will push his limits farther than he thought he wanted to be pushed. Partly to keep his job and partly to keep his Mistress happy; a desire which is becoming more important to him the longer he remains in her employ.

His Futa Boss is a trilogy that can be read as a continuing story or just dip in and read the part which tickles you most. Domination, feminization, genderswapping, males getting pregnant (whilst in female form) – there’s something for everyone!

Stay Kinky!


“Mmm, nice…” Sasha hissed from her position behind her desk, her voice filled with lust as she watched our every move. “Now… fuck her good, pet. Don’t disappoint me.” She moaned. Looking over, I noticed her cock was soaking with precum, her leather pants pushed entirely to the floor and gathered around her ankles. Her other hand was pulling at her shirt to play with her breasts, and I felt a rush of both arousal and pride at the fact I was turning her on and constantly garnering praise from my Mistress.
I began pushing myself slowly in and out of Jennifer, her pussy feeling like both fire and silk and taking the breath out of my lungs.

I alternated between quick, shallow thrusts and slower, deeper ones, watching for any cues to see what Jennifer liked and responding to her body with my own.

Her gasps and moans of pleasure were growing in intensity and her fingers were strumming at her clit with increasing speed and within no time at all I was building to a hammering rhythm, the desperation and primal need of my body’s desires taking over any thoughts of ‘taking my time’ to put on a better show for my Mistress.

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