The Futa Gang Bundle: Parts 1-3

The Futa Gang Bundle

The Futa Gang Bundle is out today – read it here on Amazon.

The Futa Gang is all wrapped and bundled up in one big, discounted package for your reading ease and pleasure.

It’s been another fun series to write, exploring themes of submissive males, submissive females, gangbangs, futas, futa transformation, genderswapping and more. Phew!

I hope you all enjoy the romantic subplot hidden in among all the steamy scenes and the vague description and lack of a name for the main character. I think it makes it easier to slide inside the role and imagine it’s yourself enjoying all the fun at the mansion with the futa gang!

Stay kinky!


I struggled to keep the cock in my mouth as my body juddered and twitched and my mouth screamed but I was desperate to please Misty as well as the redhead. They both thrust repeatedly into me as my climax exploded, wave upon wave upon wave crashing through me.
It was the most intense orgasm I’d ever experienced and it seemed to build and build without any sign of diminishing. I lost control of my mouth a little, saliva dribbling down my chin as I felt other fluids pouring out of my pussy and dribbling down my legs. I felt like such a dirty little slut.
I loved it.
I loved being used by them both, their own arousal pushing mine further as my girly body was nothing more than two holes for them to use however they wanted.
“Hey! I want a turn!” Lynda called out petulantly, bringing my attention back to the present moment as I opened my eyes and saw her length insistently pushing its way into my cheek, attempting to fit inside my mouth alongside Misty’s huge cock.
But Misty was too deep inside my mouth and there simply wasn’t room for two huge shafts inside my mouth.
“You know, she does have another hole which isn’t being used…” Misty offered the solution to Lynda’s problems without even suggesting she was going to pull out of my mouth.



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