The Futa Gang Part 3: Genderswapped By The Futa Gang

The Futa Gang Pt 3

Part three of The Futa Gang is out today! Read it here exclusively on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited.

This series was really fun to write, exploring what would happen in various situations of femdom (or is that futa-dom?) whilst never describing the protagonist or giving him a name.

The slight romantic edge I managed to weave into the trilogy with the appearance of the ‘mysterious redhead’ in various scenes comes to a satisfying close in this book. Hopefully it carries with it the message to my readers that if you find the right person to experiment with things can be lots of fun if you let them!

Stay kinky!


I shuddered, twitched and convulsed automatically from the after-effects of her expert touch. Nothing at all was touching me but I was still gasping with pleasure. I was right on the edge of a beautiful climax which she denied at the last possible second.
The submissive in me was loving it.
Then, as I opened my eyes to look at her and see when she would resume touching me, I noticed her crotch moving. It was as if the skin itself was bubbling. Stretching and growing as her pussy lips fused together and began to grow slowly outward.
“Holy shit!” I called out in shock, unable to tear my attention away from the strange sight. The mysterious redhead merely stood above me, her eyes closed and an expression of bliss on her face.
I watched, transfixed as the definite shape of a cock took shape. The shaft first, pulling her skin outward in a long stick of flesh. Then the head took shape and I gasped as a perfect pair of heavy testicles appeared at the base.
It was immediately erect. And huge.
She didn’t open her eyes but simply allowed her hand to travel down to her fresh growth, her fingers wrapping slowly and delicately around it.
“So, what do you think?”

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