The Futa Gang Part 2: Ganged By The Futa Gang

The Futa Gang Pt 2

The second part of my latest Futa trilogy is out today! Read it here (free for Kindle Unlimited subscribers)

This part of our adventure starts with our hero witnessing some very sexy things during breakfast before participating themselves.

Things then move to the decision he wants to try being the center of a gangbang himself – like the redhead was during the first part of our story.

Asking Misty to take charge, she leads him to a room to be tied up and used by as many futas and women who feel like doing so. She even invites the beautiful blonde receptionist Lynda and there’s a chance the mysterious redhead might make an appearance too…

This part was super fun to write and I hope you enjoy reading it!

Stay kinky!


“Are you going to come again for us, stud? You’re such a good little pet!” She redoubled her efforts to bring me off, her arm moving faster as she gripped me harder.
The futa behind me started sighing with pleasure, too. A low, primal growl which built in intensity with every passing second she continued to fuck me.
Her moans crescendoed louder and louder, then suddenly became vocal as she dug her hands into my thighs to give her better purchase for thrusting.
“Oh come on, empty your balls one more time for us. Come on, boy, give us a show!” She barked the order in my ear, her hot breath on my neck as she penetrated me even deeper.
Misty’s other hand went to cradle the sensitive, swollen area in question as she furiously wanked me off, applying pressure at precisely the correct point to push me over the edge once more.
“Oh fuck, not again!” I gasped, delirious and exhausted with pleasure as the familiar feeling of my balls emptying tore through my body. The pleasure was tinged with pain with how sensitive I was becoming and the two sensations mixed together till I was whimpering softly throughout my entire climax.
The crowd cheered loudly as cum spewed from my cock once again, joining the now substantial pool of the stuff at my feet. Hearing their sounds, the futa sped up behind me, digging her nails into me painfully as she emptied her load inside of me.

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