The Futa Gang Part 1: Joining The Gang

The Futa Gang Pt 1

The Futa Gang Part 1 is out today! Read it here (free with Kindle Unlimited)

The Futa Gang (part 1) is the first in a trilogy which chronicles what happens when our hapless hero (always loved that term) is persuaded by a friend to visit a mansion which houses ‘many surprises.’

What this leads to is our hero discovering  things about the world and himself he didn’t know. The existence of futas for one. His hidden exhibitionist streak for another. Maybe a desire to be submissive to futa desires…?

This first part includes a tour of the place, getting to know the gorgeous blonde receptionist Lynda and participating in gang bang with many other futas with a mysterious redhead as the center of attention. In part two maybe our hero will get to be the center of attention themselves. And maybe our redhead and Lynda will make a return appearance…

Stay Kinky!


Once pressed, the doorbell was an old-school chiming sound which reverberated through the wood frame of the house and rattled around my skull as I waited for what felt like an eternity. The cold wind of the autumn afternoon stung my skin and I shivered against it’s touch.
As the door finally creaked open, swinging on its hinges slowly by a large security man’s hand, I caught a glimpse of the interior.
Jake wasn’t lying. Not one bit.
I glimpsed the exposed backside of a lithe female form being led up a large staircase behind the reception area by a leash around her neck.
In another corner a tall, svelte woman walked confidently by, completely naked except for the towel she was using to dry her hair.
She was also sporting one of the largest erections I’d ever seen, bobbing up and down with every step as my eye caught hers.
My mouth fell open at the sight of such a huge dick sticking out from a feminine body and I looked harder to see if it was fake or a strap on or…something other than what it definitely looked like.
She noticed me standing there in the doorway, examining her critically and staring so blatantly at her huge cock.
Far from being ashamed of her nakedness, she gave me a sly wink and a wry smile crept across her face. Wrapping one hand around the large girth she proceeded to give herself a couple of decisive tugs and I gasped as her cock reacted the way a real one would.
It wasn’t fake. This beautiful woman had a cock.


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