Frat Party Genderswap!

Frat Party

Frat party Genderswap is out today! Read it here, free if you have Kindle Unlimited.

This 13K word story introduces us to our hero right as he’s ready to explore. He’s researched and bought a gender swap pill, he’s got an invite to the hottest Halloween frat party and he’s got a killer outfit to attract as much attention as possible.

Things go slightly wrong for our hapless hero when he flirts with the wrong guy and ends up on the receiving end of some witch magic. Combined with the effect of the gender swap pill, she decides to make his transformation a little more permanent. And, just to add a little extra spice to her spell, she makes him super fertile. As in, he’s suddenly overcome with a desire to be bred and made pregnant by anyone willing. The witch also said it would be a very ‘fast’ gestation period…

I really hope you enjoy this story, it’s the second (or third?) I’ve written based on a Halloween party theme but it just offers up too much opportunity for kinky fun not to write and fantasize about!

Stay Kinky!


“What the fuck?” he exclaimed, clearly taken aback at how forward I was being. I didn’t care. I continued to squeeze the large shape, feeling it move and grow within my hand.
“How much cum do you have in there for me?” his stunned silence only pushed me to be even bolder and I turned around to face the rest of the group whilst still holding him within the palm of my hand. “How much cum have all of you got for me? Enough to satisfy me?” I slowly began moving my hand back and forth over his girth and he groaned uncontrollably.
“I’ve got plenty of cum for you!” a tall, dark haired guy called from the back of the room, grabbing his crotch in a crude gesture to emphasise his point. Everyone present laughed at his bravado but I was in no mood for jokes or foreplay. I needed everyone there in me, simultaneously or one after the other. My animal side was out to drain everyone here and my fertile womb needed to be filled with seed in order to be satisfied.

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