Fertile Fantasies / Mystical Mating Mega Bundle

Mega Bundle

I’m proud to finally announce the mega bundle book of Fertile Fantasies AND Mystical Mating together! Read it for free with Kindle Unlimited.

The two books were written sequentially and the events follow on from one another, Fertile Fantasies occurring first and following Ivy and Mystical Mating happening about a year later, this time from Eric’s perspective.

You can find links to individual part descriptions all over my website so I’ll let you click around if you want any further info.

It’s taken me longer than I’d like to put the two parts together but it’s something but switching the program I use for writing has made it much easier to coordinate and organize.

I’m genuinely proud of how well the two flow one into the other and the underlying romance arc between the husband and wife character was fun to write and hopefully fun to read and see play out alongside the hot scenes which vary from a glory hole adventure to group scenes to fertility gods having their way with humans!

Stay kinky!


It’s a bundle of fun…a MEGA bundle of fun!

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