Helping The Fertile Foreign Exchange Student

PR Helping The Fertile Foreign Exchange Student

Helping the Foreign exchange student is out today! Read it here (free if you have Kindle Unlimited).

Hi all!

Just a quick story to keep you all ‘hot and bothered’ (never really got that phrase, why would I be bothered if I was hot? There’s always ways to cool down…) whilst I work on some longer stories for y’all to enjoy.

A little back story for this one. It was originally written as a ‘pseudo-incest’ piece with the role of the foreign exchange student being cast as the hero’s ‘step-sister.’ It was my attempt at working in this popular genre but I changed it for several reasons.

The first is that Amazon can ban your work, and even your account, for publishing this kinda thing. I know there’s loads of it to be found but the ‘Zon either ignores it or catches up to it eventually. I didn’t want to take that risk.

The second is that the incest (pseudo or otherwise) isn’t my bag. I’m not judging anyone if it is there’s but the rise in the words ‘mommy’, ‘daddy’, ‘sister’ and ‘brother’ in porn is one I find a bit baffling. Maybe I’m too vanilla but the difference between the types of love as defined by the Greeks (eros versus Philia or Storge) seems to be blurred a bit too much in this niche. Maybe it’s our own clumsy use of the word ‘love’ as a catch-all. I don’t know. I just know I definitely find the idea of a sexy lodger less troublesome to find arousing and write about than writing about my sexy sister and then having to face her real life.

As always,

Stay kinky!


“Wank. Your. Cock. For. Me.” she punctuated each word with a small pause for dramatic effect. “If you’re suddenly too shy, I’ll join in…” Without saying another word, her hand disappeared down the front of her tight yoga pants. My cock leapt in my hand and a small bead of precum fell on to the floor as I watched the bumps of her fingers moving rhythmically underneath the fabric. I slowly started pumping my length once more, my mouth open and dry at the sudden turn of events I was witnessing.

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