First Date Futa Transformation!

Catfish Futa Surprise

Following on from the fun of my last series, I’ve stayed with the concept of Futas for this one too. Only this time it’s a guy on the receiving end of some ‘futa-loving’ before taking the plunge and becoming one himself.  You can read it exclusively on Amazon (free with Kindle Unlimited) here.

This is a one-off story (unless folks really want a sequel?) about a lonely guy who takes a chance on a date with a mystery stranger he’s met online. She keeps alluding to a ‘big secret’ she has for him…

The book touches on themes of sexual identity, maternal/paternal instincts and, of course, contains more than a few hot scenes to warm you up!

There’s a bit of male submission, exaggerated body parts (you know the main one I mean!) transformation and impregnation/breeding dirty talk and roleplay.

It all ends with the best ‘Happy ever after’ I think I’ve ever written. Happy, but realistic.

If you’ve read a few of my books I hope you enjoy this one, I’m really proud of it. If you’re new, welcome to my world. There’s more of it to come now I’ve streamlined my writing process!

I’ve included an excerpt from the transformation scene below and you can always check out the ‘look inside’ feature on Amazon to check whether this book is something you might like.

Stay kinky!


Becoming more curious by the second, I dipped a finger, then two, inside myself and gasped at just how good it felt. I pushed them in and out for a moment, listening to the glorious wet, squishing sounds my body could make now.
Withdrawing my now soaked fingers from my pussy, I lifted them up to my face and inhaled deeply. God, I smelled good. The girl in the mirror matched my gaze and dared me to taste my own honey. I couldn’t resist.

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