A Big Thank You! (and a much delayed follow up to my most popular post)


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Hi all!

I wanted to write a dedicated post to thank anyone and everyone who’s visited my blog, bought a book, read a book on Kindle Unlimited or followed me on Twitter. Y’all are amazing and it honestly humbles me how many people I’ve managed to connect with.

There’s a pretty big chance you’ve stumbled across my website whilst searching for information about the mystical, elusive and magical Holy Grail of the “Hands Free Orgasm”. It’s my most popular post. I never thought it would be but I hope the post has helped a few people in their investigations into journey of self-pleasure and discovery.

First up, hello! Thanks for stopping by. You’ll see if you venture around my blog I’m mainly an erotic/romance fiction writer but, when I started this thing originally, I wrote down a few thoughts and things which I’ve since collated into my ‘Blog’ section.

I honestly don’t know what I was expecting when I started this blog, mainly this might be somewhere fun to collect my thoughts on sexual things which I can’t talk to anyone else about. It might also be a great way to collect and collate all my erotica writing in one place.

To be honest, most of my time is spent writing fiction rather than blogging (even more so these days) but, since you’re here to learn about the Hands Free Orgasm, I thought I’d share some additional information with you which you might find helpful. It’s something I’ve certainly struggled with and only recently came to arrive at some sense of peace with.

Embrace the experience.

That’s it. Honestly. Whatever happens, happens.

The time I wrote about the experience (and a few other times) I managed not only to orgasm, but to physically ejaculate. But there were only a few times I’ve achieved such a feat. Every other time since has been great, but never quite to the same ‘earth-shattering’ level of pleasure but still good. Unique, in fact.

Sometimes it’s a shaking, twitching, all-over body tingling. Other times it’s simply a massive libido booster till I finish myself off without using any other porn or material,  the feelings of arousal coursing throughout my body. But it’s never the same every time.

And that’s ok.

One of the great things about sex or masturbation is the surprise. The inevitable yet completely out of our control climax at the end. Or discovering unknown kinks you or your partner have and exploring them together. The unique nature of these experiences is what makes them special.

To be honest, I’m trying to adopt this attitude with many things in my life-not only sexual ones. If we can embrace experiences as and when they happen, without chasing some elusive, possibly never to be reached goal, happiness will hopefully be found within the moment.

The other thing experiencing a HFO made me realise: Anything is possible. Your mind is capable of great things. You have more within you than you know.

Chances are, if you’re reading up on how to achieve a HFO you’re looking for something more. Something different. Not run-of-the-mill or ordinary. You know there are deeper layers of pleasure to be had than merely the physical. There are things you can’t see but can still feel. Being a witness to your own body shaking with sheer sexual energy and ecstasy (whether you orgasm or not) will bring this point screaming home.

I’ve struggled with feelings of low self-esteem most of my life and all I know is that if my mind can make my body orgasm without doing anything physical at all, my mind is indeed a powerful thing. It can completely control my body and let it experience something so beautiful and intense. And your mind is, too. It can do more than you currently believe. Even if you never manage to achieve a HFO, your mind can do amazing things. Go set it free.


Thanks For Stopping By! You stay classy… Planet Earth


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