2 Futa Girls: Books 1-3 Bundle

2 Futa Girls bundle 1-3

I’ve bundled all three parts of my recent series ‘2 Futa Girls’ for your enjoyment (and a saving of nearly $3!). Read it here on Amazon (free on unlimited).

As always, I’ve really enjoyed writing this series. Adding a few more romantic elements has challenged my usual writing style but I had a lot of fun with it.

It’s something I hope to expand upon in the future, maybe dipping my toe into longer, more romantic tales alongside my erotic shorts. Let me know what you think! And if you’ve got any ideas for future books just holla!

I’ve included a quote below from the final book. It’s from a hot scene where Mya shares her new ability to produce milk with her new play partner Grace alongside her lover Clara.

Stay kinky!


I felt like a pregnant Goddess, sitting there having two beautiful futa-girls drinking my milk as I watched their large erections twitch, spasm and begin to leak precum without any touching or stimulation. They were getting off purely from tasting my milk alone and I was loving it.

I became hypnotised by the slow, undulating movements of their cocks, my head swimming from all the attention as both their hands slowly stroked over every inch of my body. From the sensitive skin of my inner thighs to my arms and my baby bump in-between, it felt like hands were everywhere. I purred under their combined touch and reached outwards to grab a handful of cock in each hand.



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