2 Futa Girls: Pregnant and Shared Between Futas

2 Futa Girls bk 3 v3The third and final part of the 2 Futa Girls series goes live on Amazon today! Read it here (free if you have Kindle Unlimited)

There’s been a delay in releasing the final part of this series which I apologise for, illness and planning are the two main culprits!

I’m really proud of this story, and I hope you’ll think it’s been worth waiting for. It manages to weave just a hint of romance AND polyamory (an idea I find fascinating) into the story along with three very hot and heavy scenes involving: pregnant sex, lactation play, threesomes and two very naughty, athletic futa-girls willing to make a horny, submissive pregnant woman’s every desire fulfilled.

I hope you find this book as enjoyable to read as I did to write it. There were times I didn’t know which character I’d like to be more and I definitely need to find my partner’s stance on involving a third party who’s pregnant and able to produce milk!

Below is an excerpt from my favourite scene.

Stay horny! (and classy)


“Mmm, do you like my big, pregnant breasts Grace?” I posed the question, pushing them together as Clara continued to rain kisses down on my shoulders and back. A flood of arousal hit me from nowhere and put me straight in the mood to put on a show for our guest, hopefully leading to more threesome fun like last time.

“Fuck, yes. They’re so fucking big now, Mya!” she exclaimed and began unzipping her jeans and struggling to get her large erection out.

“Show her what they can do, lover.” Clara whispered. The combination of being acknowledged in front of somebody else as Clara’s lover, paired with the excitement of what was about to happen had my heart ready to explode out of my chest.

“You mean this?” I said coyly, massaging my breasts in a way which would produce the most milk, starting at the soft fleshy base and working my way to the nipple in a steady rhythm.

“You don’t mean they now…?” Grace asked, her words catching as her cock gloriously sprung out from the restriction of her clothing. Her question was answered immediately as a small spray of milk shot out from my right breast in several jets, landing softly on the floor in front of me as Clara quickly removed her clothing next to me.



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