2 Futa Girls – Part 2: Made Pregnant By My Futa Best Friend

2 Futa Girls bk 2 v2

Part 2 of my 3 part Futa impregnation series is out today – read it here for free on Amazon Unlimited or download a copy from the store.

The second part finds both our girls, Mya and Clara adapting to their new life together. Much closer, much more romantic and Clara has slipped into a more dominant role thanks to a special potion which made her become a futanari…permanently.

Mya’s feelings deepen in this part of the story and there’s a few hot scenes to keep you interested – starting with an anal one promised in part 1.

There’s also a tender scene before Clara appears to become suddenly cold and confess to wanting to fuck more people. Mya is left reeling by the confession but also begins plotting – who do they know who would be a great third person to join them both?

Here’s an excerpt from the first time the girls are about to try anal together:

“Of course I want you to put a baby in me, Clara.” I whispered in her ear. I felt her cock harden against my leg immediately at the idea of her breeding me and pulled her closer. “But tonight you can fuck my ass instead. I think my pussy could do with the respite!” I joked but Clara wasn’t laughing. Her eyes were wide as she sat bolt upright, her cock fully erect at hearing my agreement she could try to put herself in my ass. “Just, you know, go slow. I’ve never had anything that big inside my delicate little ass. Clara giggled, her eyes dancing as she did.

“I’ll go get the lube…” she purred, her cock bouncing in front of her with every step. I watched its hypnotic movement and took a deep inhale. This wasn’t going to be easy.

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