2 Futa Girls – Part 1: My Best Friend Becomes A Futa

2 Futa Girls bk 1

My next series has landed with a bump! Read it only on Amazon (free with Kindle Unlimited) here.

This series is about 2 long time friends who occasionally hook up together finally taking things further.

Mya is desperate to have a baby but is currently single. Clara knows this and teases her, whilst also looking for a way to help. After a bit of online investigation in private she finds maybe there’s more truth to futanari’s than everyone thinks.

This first part involves a couple of steamy scenes and also sets up our characters. There isn’t any pregnancy sex just yet but there’s plenty of breeding and impregnation dirty talk during the sex scenes.

This series is going to have a touch of romance to it, exploring Mya’s character becoming more infatuated with Clara every time they’re intimate. Clara doesn’t seem to share the same feelings for her flatmate just yet, she’s simply using her to get herself off and experience new things with her cock. Or is she?

The characters are very loosely based around the TV series ‘2 Broke Girls’ as in they both work in a diner and the dark haired character (who controls the book’s POV) is busty whilst Clara is blonde and more athletic. That’s about as far as the similarities go.

Here’s an excerpt from the main scene below.



“I had no idea having a cock would feel like this!” Clara called out and we both giggled and panted in unison. I was so close to coming I could feel the pressure building up inside with greater and greater intensity. The animal in me which hadn’t been let loose in so long was desperate for release, hungry to feel the unique sensation of climaxing with a big, hard dick inside of me. I made quicker and quicker circles with my fingers as Clara’s hands continued to work their magic on my breasts, teasing my nipples in a way only she knew how to.

I looked down to watch Clara’s beautiful face the moment before my orgasm took over my body and she knew how close I was. A delicate, delicious smile broke over her expression and she twisted both my nipples just enough to provide a little sting. Just enough to put me over the edge and have me spiraling down into endless pleasure.



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