New Story – Male Made Pregnant By His Ex: A Magical Mpreg Futa Story

Made Pregnant By His ExAnother new story out now and available to purchase or read for free if you have Amazon Unlimited.

It’s been a productive month for releases here!

This is a one off story featuring (in no particular order) male body swap to female, female growing a cock (futa), lactation and some pretty fun pregnancy sex. Don’t say I don’t spoil you for fetishes!

I had a lot of fun writing this story, the ending in particular was tough to get through as I kept getting…distracted. Being an erotica author is definitely ‘harder’ than you think!

I managed to include a lot of my previous themes and kinks within one off story and I’m pretty proud of that fact. I didn’t flesh out the characters back story as much as I could have but I wanted to get straight to the action in this one and devote most of the words to that aspect.

In terms of sex scenes, there’s a public masturbation scene when the male character’s body changing makes him incredibly horny. Then his ex whisks him away and magically grows a cock, leading to more fun. There’s then some oral, creampie consumption and a LOT of lactation play.

Below is an excerpt from my favourite scene.



“Let’s come together, I’m pretty close too and I wanna feel your milk in my mouth when you come. I wanna feel it explode…” She ducked her head back down and began sucking harder, frantically trying to speed up my inevitable climax. My body responded immediately and I found my hips moving of their own accord, grinding and gyrating against my hand. As if they weren’t enough and I needed more.

My breathing was becoming shallower, speeding up to the point where I was feeling light-headed. My hand must’ve been a blur, furiously making small, rapid movements against my desperate clit. Leanne was moaning too and I could hear tiny wet sounds coming from her pussy which joined in chorus with my own and the lip smacking sounds of her mouth on my nipples…

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