Adventures At The FreeUse house 2 – Used For Seed

The Freeuse House 2 - USed For SeedBack with the second part of my new series ‘Adventures at the FreeUse house’. This time it’s the male’s turn to be used and he’s going to find he’s in for a wild ride!

After his experience at the gang-bang, our nameless hero becomes curious as to what it would be like to be on the other side of things – as the receiver of all the attention.

Naturally hesitant, he approaches reception after a curious breakfast encounter and his inquiries lead to a sexy adventure involving more women than he knows what to do with, all eager for him to pump them full of his seed and breed them.

“Room twenty four if you want to join us.” Ana stated in a business-like fashion.

“Mmm, that does sound tempting,” the mystery woman sighs, eyeing me up like a piece of meat. Her hand shifts to cradle my balls and she takes each ones weight in her palm in turn. “Nice and heavy. I like a guy with a lot of seed…has he agreed to breeding?” she asks Ana, completely ignoring my presence.

“Oh yes. This one will fill your womb with as much cum as you want.” Both woman exchange a knowing look and a giggle before both of my balls are being squeezed with just a little too much force and I’m gasping for air.

No need to wonder if this story is based on a personal fantasy, it’s quite clear from my blog posts and writing I enjoy the impregnation/breeding side of sex and (if I’m in the right head-space) I love being submissive and letting my ‘Goddess’ (as she likes to be called when being dominant) use me in whatever way she wants to. I particularly love the idea of being used for my fertility potential only and intend to explore this idea a little more in further books and series.

This book has just a touch of sci-fi to it, namely the use of ‘magic pills’ to allow a man multiple orgasms and erections. This stems from the very real problem of one man satisfying so many women and ejaculating multiple times, not just once or twice but a lot. There’s a lot of women to be satisfied in this story and I needed a way around this practical, biological problem so that’s my ‘work around.’

Once again, thanks to thanks to 3 Little Holes for introducing me to the wonderful world of ‘FreeUse’ and inspiring this series. Check her out on Reddit and Twitter.

Here’s a link to her latest Dirty Writing Prompt on Reddit if you’re feeling creative and want to join in!

“When Suzy drinks the funny looking water bottle on her roommate’s dresser, she doesn’t realize that she has downed a sex potion that makes her feel like she is in heat for the next 24 hours…”

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