Adventures At The FreeUse House 1 – She Gets Used

The Freeuse HouseI’m back with another series! Sorry for the long hiatus but hopefully it will have been worth the wait. This set of stories are a bit different from what I’ve written before in terms of viewpoint and subject matter but they ended up being some of my best work (I think, let me know once you’ve had a read through.)

I started writing one series of stories on a different theme (almost finished, expect them before Xmas at the very latest), got distracted, ended up writing a couple of one-off stories (yet to be be published) and, in the middle of things, collaborated with 3 Little Holes to write a story which I published on my blog only a few months back.

The story didn’t gain too much attention or reads but I was quite proud of it and thought it could do with being expanded and maybe told from various viewpoints, something I love to do with my stories.

These books have a slightly different feel, told in the first person but the other main character is never referred to by name, only by being addressed as the actual reader: as in ‘You’. The main character is also never given a name so I hope it’ll make it easier for the reader to slot themselves into either role.

The first book in the series introduces us to the male character. Recently broken up from his girlfriend, a friend gives him the address to go visit a mysterious house for activities which will take his mind off of her. He doesn’t give him too many other details but assures him it’ll be an unforgettable experience.

Here is a quote from when our hero arrives at the house.

“This is the dining room,” she announced casually as we enter a room at the end of a long hallway. Like earlier, everyone here is naked. Whether they’re eating, drinking coffee or just sitting scrolling through their phones. I survey the scene before me and realise some of the guests there are also engaged in various sexual activities whilst going about their normal routines.

There’s a woman who’s sitting eating ice cream in between taking long, slow, luxurious slurps of an erect cock presented to her on either side. Another is visible only as a naked ass protruding from underneath the large oak table bobbing up and down as she noisily sucks a guy who’s drinking his coffee and not looking the least bit interested.

Settling in after an eye opening tour, he then finds himself participating in a gang bang with many other men. This is where things get really good. It’s also where he meets ‘you’.

I had a lot of fun writing this story, thanks to 3 Little Holes for helping me out of my writing funk and inspiring me. Check her out on Reddit and Twitter.

Here’s a link to one of her writing prompts below, check it out!

When your new neighbor took you up on that offer to help out with some things around the house, you had no idea it was this…


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