Suddenly Female, Suddenly Pregnant

Suddenly Female Suddenly PregnantHi all! Back with another erotic tale involving just a hint of science fiction and a lot of erotic adventures! You can find it here as an Amazon exclusive. It’s free to read if you have Kindle Unlimited.

First off, apologies for the delay in writing another book. Things have been a bit crazy and I found it harder to write a one-off story than my usual series. Although I definitely enjoyed the smaller amount of editing required!

This book was inspired by a Reddit post in which I asked for ideas and someone suggested writing a story which contained both gender swapping AND impregnation (my two areas of writing combined in one story!)

After coming up with a premise of how it might happen, and why our main protagonist would want to go along with such a crazy idea, Suddenly Female, Suddenly Pregnant  was born!

Writing about a body changing twice, and in two different ways, was a new challenge and I hope I managed to capture the thrill and surprise of such a strange occurrence within the pages.

Once again I had a lot of fun writing this and I hope you have just as much fun reading it.

There’s hopefully something for everyone in this story, whether you enjoyed the gender swapping fun of Gendermorph or the rapid pregnancy fun of Fertile Fantasies from the female perspective or Mystical Mating from a male viewpoint.

As usual, I’ve finished this book on a happy ending. It’s a self contained tale but if there’s enough interest I’d be more than happy to write more adventures for our hero/heroine to go on – either in his new body or maybe he might swap between both? Let me know any thoughts!

…My cunt was still clenching around his drained cock, desperate to milk every last drop of seed from the source directly. Desperate to have it all inside of me where it could fulfil it’s purpose and impregnate my fertile and waiting womb…

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