Mystical Mating 5: Sharing The Love

Sharing The Love (JPG)

Sorry for the delay but…The final part of the series is finally available on Amazon!

This episode sees Ivy returning and Eric having to explain himself. Like the previous series, Fertile Fantasies, this results in some make-up sex after explanations are given and a resulting pregnancy as Ivy is currently ovulating upon her return.

The last part always has to end happy, so I included a scene where Ivy, Eric and Julie can all enjoy each other’s bodies and go through the experience of pregnancy together. Sharing, nurturing and still having some of the hottest sex of their lives! Maybe the Goddess Aine might just make an appearance too…

It’s the first scene I’ve written of this type and, once again, plays into a variety of fantasies I’d love to explore in real life. That’s the thing about erotica writers, we’re just full of filthy ideas which we put into words instead of risking relationships, causing damage or hurting others. I’d bet at least half of the stuff I write about wouldn’t play out at all like I describe in my books, though…

As always, I’ve loved writing this series. I can only apologise it took so long. I’ve explored the same themes I’m currently obsessed with and I may continue in this vein of ‘breeding tales’ with a few one off stories describing other scenarios. Maybe sci-fi based, maybe reality based? Any ideas or kinks you feel need writing about get in touch and I’ll see if they spark some of the ol’ writing juices.

Thanks for sticking with me through another series, you guys are amazing and your support is totally appreciated! As a way of saying sorry for the two week delay anyone’s had to endure waiting from part four till this one, I’ve put my the third book from my series Recording Fantasies for free for the weekend. It features a few threesome scenes with a heavily pregnant mutual friend of a married couple and all of the sexy scenarios they get up to. I hope you enjoy it!

Have a sexy quote from this book to ‘finish’ on.

“I fucking love you.” I breathed towards Ivy as Aine’s heavenly Goddess warmth wrapped itself around my length with ease, taking me completely inside of her with one long, drawn out thrust till my balls touched her vulva and my abdomen came to rest against her beautifully rounded ass cheeks.

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