Mystical Mating 4: Spell Of The Exotic

Spell of the Exotic (JPG)

For part four, Eric is still looking for solutions and decides to return to the shop where he purchased the ‘cursed cock-ring’ in order to confront the attractive shopkeeper and find some answers. This being the Magical Mating series, the visit results in some hot sex with the exotic, Oriental woman who summons Aine to the party, too.

This part was fun to write as I love describing powerful women. Zhang Li, the name of the shopkeeper, is described as ‘petite and athletic’ and it was nice detailing how her physique contrasts with Aine’s ivory, soft, voluptuous figure. I’ve also loved the Asian aesthetic but never actually been with anything other than Caucasian women so there was a fun chance to explore that fantasy within this piece too. This may relate to the first naked woman I saw on VHS (yes, I’m that old) was Chinese and I subsequently discovered masturbation moments afterwards. That’s a whole other story for a future blog post, though…

The threesome scene in this part contains some light femdom as our hero is tied up for the duration of his time with the two women. This is maybe another fantasy I’d possibly like to explore but it’s more likely to be scary than fun if they begin conspiring so writing about it is always a great outlet. There’s also some accelerated pregnancies and lactation as Aine’s presence ramps up the intensity in this scene so the supernatural aspect of this series once again comes to the fore.

You can find part four here.

Please be patient for the final part, it may be a few days!

First there was a low, rumbling sound which resonated her stomach and sent vibrations directly into my body from every inch of skin which was touching her. Then the sound of skin stretching, becoming even tighter as her once taut abdomen filled out. Her strong muscles vanished as the area became a smooth sphere of glowing skin.

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