Mystical Mating 3: The Neighbour’s Wife

The Neighbors WIFE (JPG)

In this installment of the story, I wanted to write about Eric’s idea to seek help from an outside source. Fortunately for our hero, she lives close by and is a great listener. Unfortunately for him, she just happens to be ovulating at the moment and has been trying for a baby for a while with her husband.

What results is some hot sex with Julie as her baby fever matches Eric’s own cravings. I wrote Julie as a classic ‘girl-next-door’ style character but a bit older, wiser and more experienced. There’s always been a bit of tension between the characters in their past and I’ll bet there’s more than a few readers who can relate to this if their partner has attractive friends. Please feel free to project such fantasies onto the character of Julie and live them out safely within the pages of this hot story!

You can read part three here for free with Kindle Unlimited.

“You guys are so lucky. I’d give anything to be pregnant right now.” Her hand strayed to her stomach and made small circles, lamenting the lack of growth there at the moment.

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