Mystical Mating 2: Lunchbreak Liaison

Lunchbreak Liaison (JPG)

For the second story, I kept to a similar theme as the previous series-a workplace encounter. I think this theme is a universal one as I think most of us have worked with a member of the opposite sex who we’ve found attractive at one time or another.

For the male view on it, I describe his difficult train journey to work. His body reacts more powerfully than he expected and it impacts on his ability to keep himself calm and under control to say the least.

By the time he arrives at work, his willpower completely used up, the arrival of his attractive co-worker Lynda at his office door proves too much to handle. She’s fertile without knowing it but Eric’s body knows. What happens next is a somewhat believable, somewhat unbelievable conversation in which Lynda agrees to have some ‘office fun’ before lunchtime.

You can find the second part here. It’s available for purchase worldwide through Amazon or you can read for free if you have Kindle Unlimited.

“Has it…has it always been this big?” she enquired, an almost comic emphasis on the last word…”

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