Mystical Mating 1: Meeting The Goddess

Meeting The Goddess (JPG)

I’m proud to announce the first part of my next series has gone live, Mystical Mating. I first got into the idea after exploring it for this blog post and then writing my first series Fertile Fantasies around the same theme. That particular series was from the female perspective, this one is from the male.

This series is the direct sequel to Fertile Fantasies. It picks up the story about a year later, this time from the Ivy’s husband Eric’s perspective. Knowing what she went through last year he wants to get her an ‘extra special’ gift. One which they’ll both find exciting and hopefully bring them closer. Like his wife’s experience with powerful fertility magic, things don’t turn out like he hoped and he finds the female Goddess Aine placing him under a curse which sees his body react to women who are ovulating. Although the story is obviously a work of fiction, this aspect is based on my own experiences.

As mentioned in the linked post, both me and my partner are using condoms as our primary method of birth control. This means she’s ovulating as normal and we can both really notice a difference.

Her cycle now really affects her libido. When she’s at her most fertile (about two weeks before her period) we have way more sex and it tends to be more urgent, more animalistic. The fact the sex is more ‘risky’ may be a factor too, but in reality it simply causes more anxiety if the condom breaks during this point in the cycle and the arrival of her period feels more like winning the lottery. As I’ve stated before, I love the prospect of breeding her-not the potential lifetime of responsibility of caring for another life for the remainder of yours.

I wrote about the change in smell and consistency of a fertile pussy in my previous series, that theme carries on into these books too but now it explores it from the male perspective. How enticing the aroma is, how sexy the extra amount and thickness of the extra lubrication is (sometimes known as ‘grool’ for anyone wanting to investigate further). With this series I also investigated what happens to my body when she’s at her most fertile. It changes too, would you believe?

Whilst she’s making more ‘honey’ for me to enjoy the smell and taste of, I’m producing way more cum-whether I actually sample her delicious pussy or not. It seems I’ve synced up with her cycle and my body naturally reacts to this time period, making my balls slightly larger and upping my own horniness factor by quite a bit. It was the urges I have whilst she’s ovulating which became the basis for my writing.

For this series I wanted to stress the difficulty the main character has with controlling himself without ever becoming remotely non-consensual at all. What I ended up coming with are (slightly) believable scenarios in which flirting goes too far but the female is always willing. The male character is obviously cheating on his absent wife, and the theme of guilt is mentioned but it doesn’t get in the way of any of the steamy action-which includes some lactation, accelerated pregnancy, femdom, threesomes and-of course-some hot sex scenes involving breeding!

In order to provide a little extra something for the character’s urges to be out of control there has to be a ‘curse’ somewhere. For that, there has to be some sort of starting point. In this series it’s a magical cock ring which imbues the wearer with ‘superhuman size and virility’ but at a price-it can’t be taken off and whilst under it’s spell (cast by the fertility Goddess Aine) the owner will react to fertile females everywhere. It’s an urge I think many men might be able to relate to and hopefully the stories told in this series will provide a nice, safe, fantasy outlet.

The first part can be found here-telling the story of how Eric first finds the artifact, his initial ‘trying out’ of the product and then Aine’s subsequent, magical arrival. I especially loved describing the character of the Goddess and made sure she had a figure ‘built for breeding’. I hope you all enjoy it and come back for parts two, three, four and five to be released within the next week!

It was her fertility I could smell. The acrid, salty tang of it seemed to permeate the air from every pore of her skin

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