All I Want For Xmas Is Anal!


‘Tis the season of giving! Or receiving! Or whatever you like! Sadly, not so much in the Rose household. At least where anal is concerned.

Don’t worry, this isn’t going to end up some complaining, moaning blog post about how my life’s terrible because one small sexual aspect of it is missing but goddam I miss anal. Both giving and receiving.

Let’s start with the first aspect, giving. I was a late starter to anal. I never explored it at all with my first partner. Possibly out of fear, lack of confidence or something else from a myriad of other reasons but it just never happened.

I knew it was something I was curious about, having experimented on myself pretty soon after discovering masturbation, but I never brought it up with my first love. My second serious relationship, that was a different matter.

I learned a lot about myself during that relationship, mostly sexual, as we were both pushing each others boundaries and exploring uncharted waters (for both of us) the majority of the time, her previous relationships having been quite ‘vanilla’ too, for lack of a better term.

The first time I explored anal I remember the lovely lady in question was bent over the edge of the couch with her ass high in the air as I licked and fingered her pussy. I was hypnotised by the way her cute, little brown hole would flex and clench in time with her moans and couldn’t help but moisten a finger with saliva and slide it inside. That was my introduction and conversion to anal.

The way she writhed and moaned about as a single digit moved in and out of her slowly was captivating. I couldn’t believe at the time I was giving that much pleasure to someone without touching their pussy. I’d never explored much breast play or had a partner with any significant erogenous zones other than the obvious one so it really became a ‘watershed’ moment for me. I could give a partner pleasure without touching their genitals!

We went on to exploring things further and, after many attempts at it, she finally took my entire cock into her ass. It felt different to a pussy, not necessarily better, but the thrill mainly came from exploring something new. Something she hadn’t done with anyone else. The fact she was willing to trust her body with me in that way made me feel special. Desired. Wanted.

After we broke up, I went on to take two more ‘anal cherries’ (there has to be a better term than that but I honestly can’t think of one) and every time it felt a little special and different. Anal requires significantly more preparation than regular sex. Cleaning beforehand, copious amounts of lubrication, communication before and throughout. It definitely requires far more trust as the risk of damage, pain or injury is much higher. The image I’d been fed from porn of ‘just stick it in there and she’ll scream a bit’ I found to be more and more inaccurate the more I engaged in anal sex.

So, after describing how much I love anal sex, it wouldn’t be wrong of you to assume it was something I regularly engage in with my current partner. Well, unfortunately it isn’t. We have engaged in it in the past. Explored everything from anal toys, beads, butt plugs (sometimes with a cute little diamond or tail adorning it) and she can take my entire length inside her with an ability bordering on ‘professional’ when compared to the difficulties of my previous experiences with others.

A while ago, maybe about four or five years, she suddenly went off anal. No penetration, no playing with, nothing. There didn’t seem to be any trigger for the change in behaviour (although I still believe it was down to an acquaintance having a rather ‘messy’ experience and describing it in graphic detail to us). After trying various methods to ‘bring sexy back’ to her back passage, I’ve accepted it’s no longer part of our play together and it is now something which resides only in the sphere of crude jokes (mainly on my part, it has to be said).

This may sound like I’m disappointed but it’s honestly not a massive problem for me, especially as she’s more than happy to give me anal pleasure. She’s taken my ‘anal cherry’ in terms of strap on play, ejaculating strap on play and opening up my submissive side which never saw the light of day with any one else.

Anal play, in terms of receiving, is something I crave every now and then. The need to be fucked, bent over, laid on my back spreadeagled. That feeling of being stretched, of my body slowly compensating for something foreign invading it is one which gives me an enormous sense of relief. It lets me surrender my body to my partner and trust her to take care of my needs by reading the subtle cues of my body moving and responding to her thrusting.

Unfortunately, for the last year or so, I’ve had a recurring anal fissure which has put a stop to any sort of sexy backdoor fun for me. Last time we tried, and I thought I was fully healed, there was so much blood on my partner’s fake phallus it resembled period sex. Not that there’s anything wrong with period sex, it’s just that as a guy it’s generally an indicator something’s wrong.

So, no anal giving, no anal receiving.

Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the house…there’s no anal.

That’s it.

No clever rhyme replacement, sorry!

Have a sexy Xmas everyone!

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