Fertile Fantasies Bundle

Series Mockup

The first five tales in the fertility fantasies series have been bundled together for your reading pleasure!

The story follows a woman named Ivy who finds a fertility stick whilst camping which  blesses her with the power of amazing orgasms, but at a cost-she must receive a man’s cum inside of her in order to climax.

It was a fun series to write, describing how Ivy’s urges overtook her rational thoughts. Writing about the primal, dark part of our sexuality is something which intrigues me and it was interesting to explore something considered a ‘kink’ when, at it’s core level, procreation is the primary reason for sex. (Well, that and post sex snuggles. I’m a sucker for post-sex comfiness and warmth-no matter how kinky or messy the session turned out!)

This series is quite close to my heart in terms of my current situation and I was glad I was able to tie all the taboo, kinky, adulterous stuff up into a happy ending. I always want my stories to come from a place of love and I hope I managed to ‘pull it off’ (pun definitely intended if you enjoyed the series enough to provide an orgasm or two!)
Here’s a breakdown of the entire series so you can decide if the situations Ivy finds herself in are to your liking:

Part 1: Under His Spell – Ivy finds a ‘magic’ stick. This part includes masturbation, human/inhuman sex, an impossibly large cock, accelerated gestation and descriptions of Ivy’s inner battle and frustrations.

Part 2: Procreating After Work – Ivy becomes more dominant and active in seeking out how to quench her desires as she seduces a co-worker and then gives birth. A couple of sex scenes, accelerated pregnancy, lactation and finally an orgasmic birth (it’s honestly a real thing!)

Part 3: Taking His Seed – Continues the femdom theme as Ivy finds a partner online before tying him up and demanding he breed her. Similar to the last part this one has sex, a speedy pregnancy and birth scene within it.

Part 4: Eager Donors Needed – Ivy’s urges become more demanding and she engages in an interracial gloryhole gangbang at an exclusive club. This one has multiple anonymous partners, pregnant sex and slightly less pleasant birth scene.

Part 5: Having His Baby – Ivy decides she can’t continue with her current lifestyle and returns to the forest to confront the deity who cursed her. This results in another human/inhuman scene with more sex than last time. Ivy then has to face her husband’s return, confessing everything before they have spectacularly fertile sex, resulting in another baby and a happy ending.

Any ideas where to take the series next, comments or suggestions please get in touch!

Fertility Fantasies Bundle – a bundle which ends with a little bundle!

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