Recording Fantasies Bundle – Parts 1-3

Recording Fantasies Bundle Feb2019

I’m joining in with throwback Thursday! (Who knew hashtags could be so much fun!)

The books have received some great reviews and I’ve had loads of fun writing them but they don’t appear to be doing as well as other series I’ve written since so I’m bundling the first three parts together for your erotic enjoyment!

I’ve resisted creating a bundle of the first three parts as I originally planned for it to be a ten part story. It was the first series I wrote and I learned a lot from it.

I may return to this series at some point in the future as it’s a one close to my heart (most of the experiences of the couple are based on my own…or what I’d wished happened in a similar situation) and I really loved the challenge of not using names and writing from alternate viewpoints. It was also fun finding obscure song titles to tie in with every chapter (they’re all legitimate songs!)

It may be that I shorten the series from ten to a lower number and then release the entire thing as one giant novel but, for now, it’ll be a project I’ll work on in the background.

If anyone really enjoyed this series, has any suggestions on what our anonymous couple should try next, any geographic locations which are particularly sexy to send our intrepid sex adventurers or just any questions or queries about Recording Fantasies then don’t be shy, get in touch!

To get Recording Fantasies parts 1-3 as a bundle click here.

Recording Fantasies 1-3, it’s a bundle of fun!

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