Fertile Fantasies 5: Having His Baby

5th eBook Cover JPG

After a short delay involving a rewrite, The final part of the series is a combination of two stories, linked together in order to bring a sense of finality to the story.

The first part sees Ivy returning to the forest where she was cursed in order to confront Cernunnos and demand he lift the curse from her which has consumed her life completely. It may not go according to plan for Ivy though…

After returning from the forest, Ivy has to confront the reality of her husband’s return. Will she confess everything which happened during his absence? Or will she keep her cards close to her chest and make him the next to breed her?

I’d like to thank anyone and everyone who’s followed the series this far and I’d love to hear any feedback (good or bad!) on where to go next.

As I stated when releasing the first part, writing these stories have been really cathartic for me and I think they’ve brought me a greater understanding and appreciation of the writing process, as every book has done so far.

Introducing an even greater amount of sci-fi into my stories was a challenge but I believe it helped the story along and didn’t detract too much from the overall ‘sexiness’ of the story or the core themes of love, pregnancy and the power of fertility.

The final part can be found here on Amazon only. Kindle Unlimited readers can read for free.

“Your body is mine now, mortal. I can make it do what I want.”

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