Fertile Fantasies 4: Eager Donors Needed

4th eBook Cover JPG

The fourth part of Ivy’s adventures sees her throwing all caution to the wind and looking for multiple partners to breed her…simultaneously.

This part of the story delved straight into the realm of fantasy with the theme of multiple partners with a (slight) interracial twist. I came up with the idea of using a gloryhole rather than an out and out gangbang in order to keep with the theme of Ivy still having some sort of control of how she receives her seed, if not being at all in control of her desire for it. The setting meant she could still stop when she needed to (if she wanted to!) and not feel threatened at all when the accelerated pregnancy overtook her body.

As with most things I write about, this is an idea I’d love to explore with my partner but it’s such an ‘out there’ one I imagine it will remain a fantasy. It’s also one of those fantasies I imagine wouldn’t be half as much fun in real life so if it never becomes realised it’s not the worst thing in the world. Still…it’s pretty fun to write about and explore.

I hope readers enjoy this part of the story and are looking forward to the final part next.
The fourth installment can be found here exclusive to Amazon and free to Amazon Kindle Unlimited readers.

My mind was racing with thoughts and feelings. Was it too late to back out? How many men were waiting? Would I have to fuck them all? Would I want to? What would my sweet husband think of his faithful, trusting wife if he knew what she was about to do? Could I really go through with this just to satisfy my body’s carnal needs?
As my first ‘customer’ pushed his way through the hole in front of me all doubts vanished. He was big. Really big and black, too…

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