Fertile Fantasies 3: Taking His Seed

3rd eBook Cover JPG

This part in my continuing saga of Ivy’s fertility curse was so much fun to write and I hope that comes across within the text.

Her needs are becoming more and more out of control. She’s taken time off work to actively seek new potential sources of sperm and she entices a younger man to come have sex with her after chatting briefly online.

I wrote the story dropping immediately into their online exchanges so that I could get straight into the fun stuff without explaining what website it is, how they ended up where the conversation is about to become a ‘done deal’ regarding their meeting up or any of the more domestic, mundane details.

This third story in the series takes a more ‘femdom’ approach as Ivy accepts her body’s needs for a moment and uses her inner sexuality to dominate and use her online stranger to get what she needs from him.

Once again, this story is based loosely (very loosely!) on a personal experience where I met an online ‘hookup’ in real life and had some great sex without any strings attached. It didn’t play out like things within my story but I was surprised at how quickly things progressed from flirty online chat to an actual meet. I’m not sure if this was captured well within this part of the story or just came across as a sort of ‘I’m the pizza delivery guy, let’s fuck!’ deal but hopefully readers will enjoy the hot sex and resulting birth scene whether they believe the meet could be secured so quickly or not.

This part can be found on Amazon here to purchase or as part of the Kindle Unlimited scheme.

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