Gendermorph Bundle: Parts 1-7

7 Book BundlecropAfter the success of my Gendermorph series I’m proud to finally be able to put them all together in one place as a longer novel with each book becoming a separate chapter.

It’s something I’ll try to do with every successive series I write, meaning the reader saves money and is then able to read all their favourite scenes without switching between books. It does take a lot more editing and uploading problems to kindle and other platforms so, in order to get my stories out as quickly as possible, I’ll still release everything as short stories first.

I hope by combining books it means the internal narrative of the two main characters seems to progress more cohesively when the books are read in sequence.

The subtle romantic aspect of the series is weaved into the erotic scenes and I think it builds to a pleasing ‘climax’ by the final book.

I’m really proud of the story I managed to weave telling Alex’s journey coming to terms with his own female identity and hope readers will enjoy his transformation. If it helps anyone else in a similar situation or even if it just stimulates readers with it’s explicit content and dialogue I’ll be one happy author!

The first Gendermorph bundle can be found here. Try the first part for a discount at $0.99 here.

Good things come in bundles!

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