Hands Free Orgasms and Erotic Audios


Ok, I’ll admit even I was cynical about the possibility of a male HFO (the accepted abbreviation for a Hands Free Orgasm) until it happened to me. Several times.

The first time I even looked into coming without using your hands or touching yourself was when I had a small tear on my ‘banjo string’ (frenulum for all you medical types). I was desperately horny but didn’t want to risk any kind of extra friction lest I end up shooting blood instead of my load. Lube was out of the question as it stung but I really wanted to get off.

I wasn’t as aware of my Sacral Chakra or meditation at this point but a quick google revealed HFO hypnosis. The first one I stumbled across was Isabella Valentine. Let me just quickly say this before going any further: Don’t use her stuff. Some of it is suggestive to the point of dangerous once you’re ‘under’ (in a hypnotic trance) and her work is very FemDom. To the point of male humiliation. I love female domination but I’m not ok with humiliation as a form of domination-it just seems unnecessary and demeaning but that’s just my take. You especially don’t want to feel humiliated when on your own and covered in your own jizz. It can leech into your psyche and make you associate healthy, normal masturbation with feelings of shame, self loathing and possibly more.

I didn’t know her work was about that so I fired up a one called ‘Jackpot’ and listened to it. She guides you under and then makes you respond to her commands. Mainly that you come when she says Jackpot. She then teases you by almost saying the word several times until you’re ready to burst.

It didn’t work. But I came close. So close in fact that a small touch afterwards (very gently so as not to snap my damaged, fragile banjo-string) finished me off. I was instantly fascinated and investigated more.

Upon looking more into the world of Erotic Hypnosis I discovered what Isabella Valentine was really about and decided to avoid her. I’m not here to insult her, and if you like her stuff that’s great, but I quickly found better, more sex positive work at GoneWildAudio and later the site Eraudica. Also known as Eve’s Garden.

I can’t say enough good things about the site Eraudica. Her audios are amazing-even the non hypnosis one. She is entirely sex-positive and real. Even when she experiments with FemDom stuff it’s always done playfully. With respect for the listener and not a trace of humiliation.

Using her audios I managed to achieve my first HFO but without ejaculation. It was similar to the ‘pussy orgasms’ I’ve had in the past and other times during meditation where I’ve came without ejaculating.

Her work leads you under with her gorgeous, sultry voice combined with various meditative frequencies until you are completely relaxed. She then proceeds to become increasingly more sexual, adding wet noises, moaning, sexy dialogue and binaural beats in order to coax your orgasm from your body.

It’s a unique experience. You can listen to the same audio and your mind will conjure up different images or scenes. One particularly memorable time the ‘woman’ in my vision changed from brunette to blonde to pregnant whilst sucking my cock before I came heavily, panting afterwards from the effort my body had gone through in order to achieve it’s HFO.

It can also be fascinating to feel your body relaxing whilst your heartbeat is speeding up and more blood is flowing to your good parts. It’s a strange juxtaposition that I enjoy. I also start twitching more and more as my climax approaches. My hips push upwards and my ass clenches and unclenches rapidly, my PC muscles getting an almost impossible workout. Sometimes I can actually feel a pussy or mouth around my cock. Ever so lightly but just there. Again, I wouldn’t believe it if I hadn’t experienced it myself but that’s what happened.

The first time I actually ejaculated as well as reaching orgasm I’d edged for what felt like hours beforehand and hadn’t came in days. Something about that level of build up combined in my body needing to come. Like it was inevitable. The disembodied voice speaking to me through the headphones was going to have my cum. She’d begged for it enough and my body didn’t deny her. (I used this one for the first time but prefer the longer ones if I have time.)

It was a strange experience, similar to a ruined orgasm in terms of although I’d came I was still horny enough afterwards to take ‘matter into my own hands’ and make myself come again with almost no refectory period. I was also only in a ‘semi’ hard state when I’d come so again, different to mine (and most I’d imagine) experiences of an orgasm. The fact she was letting me come in her mouth (something I’ve not had the pleasure of doing since very early days with my first girlfriend) probably helped, too.

Since that first time I’ve managed to come from erotic audios a few times. It’s not something I do often but I do enjoy it, whether it’s a ‘full’ ejaculatory experience or just a mind-melting, shivering climax in which my body spasms and twitches uncontrollably with pleasure.

In order to prove the possibility of a ‘Hypno HFO’ I took the extra step of setting up a camera and filming myself whilst I was under. I was going to edit it down to make it watchable so it’s not twenty minutes of staring at my torso thinking “He should really do more sit-ups and get a tan” but it does show me shooting my load hands-free. Even if I do make my semi-erect cock jump around like a fish and make some questionable moaning sounds before I arrive. (I’ve decided against sharing this footage or posting it anywhere but it exists. My other half was so surprised to see cum flying freely from my cock without any physical stimulation and I have to admit it does look strange.)

Finally, my tips if you want to achieve your own HFO are:

1. Keep an open mind. Don’t expect to come but don’t resist any sensations that happen in your body. If you start twitching, thrusting or moaning then just go for it.

2. Don’t come for days beforehand. Make sure you’ve not had a ‘release’ in a long enough time that you’re starting to need it, if possible.

3. Make sure the room is warm enough that twenty minutes in you’re not naked and thinking “my toes are really cold.” Bonus tip-I usually have my feet under the covers.

4. Get naked.

5. Make sure you’re somewhere you won’t be disturbed for the length of the audio. This means if you’re listening on your phone make sure to silence any incoming calls or notifications. You don’t want to be hurtling towards a mind blowing HFO to be disturbed by a text from Aunt Gladys reminding you it’s your cousin’s birthday this weekend.

6. Wear a good pair of ‘can’ style headphones which are comfortable and cover your ears.

7. Relax and breathe. Do what the good lady Eve tells you to do and you’ll have a blast. Even if you don’t come.

8. Make sure your core, thigh and PC muscles are in good condition and not tired. I find if any of these muscle groups are even slightly fatigued I won’t be able to put the extreme effort required by them to come hands free.

9. Be prepared to follow these steps more than once in order to achieve the desired result.

And now you’re ready to go explore the world of Hypno Hands Free shenanigans! I definitely recommend Eve’s site Euradica but if there are any other great ones out there I’m all ears! comment below with any success or failure stories of your own experience of HFO.

All hypnosis is self hypnosis. No one can hypnotise you without your consent.

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  1. I can’t thank you enough for this review. I tried Euradica for for the first time an had a mind blowing shuddering climax that seemed to go on forever! No ejaculation, but I’m hoping in the future…anyway so happy I’ve discovered the intense pleasue of an HFO!

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