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After finishing the Gendermorph series recently I’ve decided to work on a science-fiction series focusing on impregnation and pregnancy which I hope to release one part at a time as they become ready to publish. I became more intrigued by this kink when I was researching it for a previous blog post.

Because of this, I’ve re-designed my covers and descriptions for my original Recording Fantasies series. This is the series which started me writing again, where I learned to touch type and began to explore how to put my feelings, desires and fantasies into coherent words.

The books don’t focus on a niche kink or specialist area but instead chronicle the journey of a couple (never referred to by name) as they navigate the tricky waters of exploring kinks whilst in a loving relationship.

This means parts of the book talk about feelings of jealousy, inadequacy or ordinary insecurities we all sometimes face when facing sexual scenarios. A lot of the stories are based on fact-I have visited a dominatrix with my partner. Others are how I imagine certain situations would play out.

I’m really proud of these books as they place love at the head of kink. Something which I’ve experienced in my own life as it takes me a while to open up to a partner.

If you’re interested in reading them I’ve just created an Free ARC (Advanced Reader Copies) for each book on Booksprout. You can find the links here:

Recording Fantasies 1: London Bound

Recording Fantasies 2: Paris In The Springtime

Recording Fantasies 3: Home Sweet Home

I like to give as many ‘free tastes’ of my writing as possible so people can decide if my writing style matches their own desires. The first part will remain free after the promotion indefinitely so if you enjoy these stories and want to recommend them to anyone else they won’t need to part with any hard-earned money deciding whether they agree with you or not.

I would love any feedback anyone has on these books, especially as reviews on whichever site you read it from but even here on my blog would be great, too!

I really hope these books are read by couples as well as unattached readers, too. Maybe they’ll help you talk about your own kinks with your other half or maybe just inspire a good old fashioned roll in the hay! Remember we’re all looking for the extra special stuff but let’s not forget just how good regular sex can be. Especially if it’s with a loving partner with whom you feel comfortable talking and exploring openly even the most basic desires you have, such as being held after sex.

(EDIT: The Booksprout ARC review has expired on these stories)

It’s the simple things which make up life…

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