Adult Games To Play With Your Other Half Number 5: Posting Pics Online


This one can be tricky ground to negotiate but let’s take a look at some of the pros and cons.

If you’re reading this blog I can assume you’re already at least a little bit kinky. If so, you’ve probably taken at least a few sexy pics or videos of yourself, your other half or both of you at the same time. If not, that would be step one.

After you’ve taken the aforementioned sexy pics and vids, what do you do with them next? You could keep them private for your own pleasure, whether alone or together, tucked safely away on a special hard drive somewhere (don’t use the cloud unless you want your stuff hijacked by some twelve year old who knows their way around the internet and can hack into your account) or you could be ‘old school’ and have print outs and photos.

These are all perfectly fine options and I’d wager it’s a safe bet the majority of adult couples have something recorded and stashed away somewhere. It’s what polaroid cameras were meant for when they were first introduced and I’d think every phone owned by a male has had the pleasure/displeasure (depends on your perspective) of being used to take a dick pic. Males sending them non consensually to unsuspecting females is too a big a problem to be covered for now but judging by the surveys and studies regarding how many women have received unwanted dick pics I think there must be guys who have entire galleries on their phone dedicated to this ‘art form’. A quick note to say that this behaviour of sending unsolicited pics to unknown women makes me ashamed to be a male but that’s a whole different blog topic.

This post is assuming your dick pics are wanted or expected by your other half. Perhaps even welcomed if your they’re a bit kinky or have requested them. And possibly you’ve received some of her more intimate parts. You both like what you see, and you think others might too.

How about sharing them online with an adult community? I’m not sure of all of the different sites or how you would go about monetising this for a sustainable income but I chose Adultism as the site to share ours. Side note-they were deleted long ago so you won’t find them on there now, sorry.

Professional or monetised sites like Lustery and Make love not porn are also options, as are the various reddit and imgur sites.

My personal experience of sharing pics of our fun times on Adultism was a mixed bag, to say the least. I started with some innocent enough pics of my other half incredible chest (tastefully shot in black and white, I hasten to add) and a different album of me in some lacy panties.

Neither of our faces were shown in any of the pics and I made sure any other discernible background items or anything obvious was photoshopped away.

I enjoyed the attention our pics received, and chatted to a few other people online who shared my limited cross dressing fun. One comment on a pic of mine calling my ass a ‘pussy’ turned me on way more than it should have.

After that I shared a shoot of her wielding a strap on and various other fun times that were had that night. Again, all good fun. Felt a little extra naughty for our pics being ‘out there’ and seen by other people doing god knows what whilst enjoying them.

I would have liked to say that was the end of it and sharing our sexy adventures online was entirely positive, but I like to make this blog as honest as possible.

My partner didn’t seem to engage as much (or at all) with the online Adultism community and the idea of other people looking at our pics didn’t seem to do much for her at all. That was fair enough but, after talking to several of the male partners of couples profiles on the site, a great deal of them were posting pics without their partner’s prior knowledge or consent. Added to that and the amount of albums with the heading of ‘slut’ or ‘whore wife’ or something derogatory (and not in a submissive/dominant context-more in a ‘this is how guys label sexually liberated women way’) and I decided to leave the site. I don’t regret being on there, and I had a whole new way of thinking of my ass as a ‘pussy’, but if we were to repeat putting our pics online I’m not sure that’s the site I would use.

Make Love Not Porn does seem to be much more sex positive-being set up by a woman may have something to do with this. Lustery also seems an option so I couldn’t possibly say what someone may experience on those sites. If you have shared any pics, and you’re not too shy to talk about it, please leave a comment below-I’d love to hear what others have tried and enjoyed.

In conclusion for me-posting pics online was an interesting experience. Some of it good, some of it bad. I’m still glad I tried it and that my partner was willing to go along with the idea, open to some of my more strange requests as we explore kinks together.

Get your inner God or Goddess out and capture them on film. Who knows, you might see something about yourself you find sexy…

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