Gendermorph 5: Drinks With The Girls

Gendermorph Final5V2

Part 5 of the Gendermorph series is open for business at Amazon!

The Gendermorph books are based loosely on my own experiences of having a ‘pussy’. Two different scenes are played out in this part-Alex’s insatiable libido needing calmed after class with a roadside quickie and then Denise, Lorna and Alex hit the clubs for a ‘girly’ night on the town. There are a few more tender moments between Alex and Lorna and his feelings begin to deepen for her as he realises she can always be relied upon to support him, keep his secrets and help him get dressed to go out in public as his female alter-ego, Lexi.

This excerpt is taken from the girls post-clubbing time as they find themselves alone in a room with so many possibilities. This scene served as a slight metaphor for performance anxiety any man would feel when faced with the prospect of pleasuring two women simultaneously.

…“Now, let’s see how big your cock is…Alex.” Denise said confidently and both mine and Lorna’s faces were a picture of surprise.

“You knew it was me all along?”

“Of course! I’ve fucked your sister so many times it always made me wonder if you could do what she does…and if yours would be even bigger than hers…” She licked her lips lasciviously and crawled closer to my body lying prone on the bed. “I’ll help you get started.” With that she knelt upwards and threw her flimsy dress over her head with one slight movement. Lorna was as shocked as I was but regained her composition almost immediately.

“That’s a great idea…” Her vest came off and her bra followed. Denise had removed her own bra and now both girls were above me with their beautiful breasts on show, nipples rapidly hardening at their release from the confines of clothing. I remained motionless on the bed, amazed at the show I was getting and stunned not only did Denise know my secret but my sister had the same powers I did.

“Do you need more encouragement?” Denise teased and leaned over to Lorna..

To find out if Alex overcomes his performance anxiety and to read everything leading up to it, click here.

Threesomes can be tricky, there’s double everything! Not just the good parts but twice as many elbows, knees, armpits etc…

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