Gendermorph 4: One Of The Girls

Gendermorph Final4V2

Part 4 of the Gendermorph series is available to read on Kindle!

The covers are going through the colours of the rainbow and chakras and we’re all the way up to green!

The Gendermorph books are based loosely on my own experiences of having a ‘pussy’. This part carries on from the third after Alex’s friend Lorna plants the seed of using his powers to assume a fully female form and join her and the red haired temptress, Denise for a yoga class and more.

The plan backfires slightly as Alex is unable to contain his male side from all the stimulation but his good friend Lorna is always keen to lend a hand to help.
This scene is taken from after class, when all three are in the shower getting clean. Although things may just turn a bit dirty instead…

“Is your friend up for joining us?” her words came out sharply in between gasps of delight.

They both looked at me and I was caught red-handed, one hand pushed deep in between my legs, mouth open with pleasure as my fingers worked their magic on my clit.
“It looks like she already has…” Lorna cooed, her own movements speeding up as she tugged and and toyed her own desire from her body.

“Would you like to lick my pussy, Lexi? Or would you prefer Lorna’s?” The question posed lit a fire inside of me my male side couldn’t ignore and my erection burst forth through my skin, causing my fingers to tent over it as I quickly turned around to face the wall, desperate to make it disappear almost as much as I was to bury it up to the hilt in both girls. “Oh, have you gone shy, Lexi? Is this your first time with another girl?” Denise called out mockingly. I looked over my shoulder in Lorna’s direction with alarm in my eyes and she read my expression. She knew something was wrong straight away but covered it effortlessly.

“Oh, I think I’ll help with Lexi’s shyness…” I heard her wet footsteps slapping against the hard floor and felt her hands snaking around me from behind as she reached me. “What’s wrong?” she whispered, her voice full of concern.

“It’s my cock! It’s made an unwelcome appearance and I don’t think I can control it right now. I’m so fucking horny I need to…” My words trailed off as she gracefully swept in front of me and was instantly on her knees, eye level to my hand keeping my powerful erection pressed tight against my body.

“Don’t worry about it, I’ll take care of this. Denise won’t even notice…”

To find out where things head after this, click here.

Sometimes the dirtiest sex happens under a cleansing shower…

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