Gendermorph 3: Sharing The Girl Inside

Gendermorph Final3V2

Part 3 of the Gendermorph series is out loose in the public!

The Gendermorph books are based loosely on my own experiences of having a ‘pussy’. This part is all dedicated to one scene-Alex revealing his new abilities to his close friend Lorna, whom he’s had a crush on for years.What ensues is a lot of hot sex as Alex finds out just how much pleasure his new female parts can provide him with when they’re teased and tempted by an expert’s hands and tongue.

My favourite section to write in this book was Lorna teaching Alex the ability to ‘squirt’ from his new found pussy. The account is very closely based on my own experiences of introducing some of the women I’ve been blessed to be intimate with this hidden ‘talent’. Watching the reaction of someone squirting for the first time is mind-blowing. Seeing the incredible force of female ejaculation first hand has been enough in itself to convince me that women’s sexuality is much more powerful than we realise as a society.
“Lorna, I…I…you need to stop…I’m gonna…”

“Shh,” she reassured me in a soothing tone, her breath warm against my ass cheek, “just let go. I know it feels strange right now but you have to trust me. In a second you’re going to feel something you’ve never felt before.”

“I’m…I’m gonna pee, Lorna!” The pressure was rising on what I thought was my bladder and I began to worry about covering Lorna’s face, the carpet and anything else behind me with my piss.

“Hush, no you won’t.” she panted back, the sheer physical effort of what she was doing making her breath shallow, “give in to it. Let me see that gorgeous little cunt gush…” Her hands must’ve have been a blur as they whisked my insides into a frenzy. The force inside me had risen to a level way too high to come back down from and fighting it was was becoming too difficult to maintain.

“Try not to scream…” I heard her whisper as I let go. I heard the faint ‘wsssh’ of liquid being propelled from me and fought to stay upright.

To find out what happens afterwards click here.

Have you read this far in the series? Comment below!

Sharing yourself with someone is never easy. But then, you always want some things to be hard…

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