Gendermorph 2: Going Public With The Girl Inside

Gendermorph Final2V2

Part 2 of the Gendermorph series is now live on Amazon!

The First part has been uploaded and you can find this part here.

The Gendermorph books are based loosely on my own experiences of having a ‘pussy’ but this part goes a step further from simple masturbation to pose the question: If you had female genitals on a male body, would you allow another man to fuck you?

It’s something I enjoyed exploring as I’ve had a few homosexual fantasies and thoughts although my past experiences have been entirely heterosexual. I’ll explore these ideas in a future blog post but the fantasy element is briefly touched upon in this part of Alex’s adventures.

The book also contains an element of cross-dressing as our protagonist prepares to go out in public and some self-love when he gets home, reminiscing about what had just taken place in the safety of his own home.

My favourite section to write was when Alex was being fucked in the toilet by a stranger and his ‘male side’ (translation-penis) started to re-emerge as he has not yet gained full control of his abilities.

“That’s it!” I gasped in between his piston-like thrusts, “fuck me! Fuck me hard!” If anyone had entered the toilets since we started fucking they were definitely being treated to an audible floor show but I didn’t care. I wanted him to fuck me with everything he had. The trick worked and he sped up even more, his breath becoming ragged from the effort as he plunged his big, thick cock in and out of me faster and faster, stretching me and filling me in a way my dildo hadn’t been able to.

Then I felt it. A small burning above my pussy, as if the skin was being pulled tight. I tried to ignore it and focus on the pounding I was being given as I steadied myself against the cubicle door but the stretching intensified more and more with every thrust.

It wasn’t painful, more uncomfortable and distracting from the amazingly new and unfamiliar sensations flowing through me. I reached a hand underneath me and as my fingers grazed over the now sizeable bump I gasped in horror at the realisation of what was burgeoning there-my cock! With all the new experiences overtaking my body my concentration had slipped and it had started to reappear. I struggled to focus my mind on reabsorbing it but I was unable to concentrate enough-the pleasure overtaking me was too great

It formed through my flesh into my waiting hand. First the familiar acorn shape of my head formed, then a thick, veiny shaft pushed out of me and flailed back and forth in time with his thrusts. I was so worried he might know something was up if it brushed against his own I kept a tight grip on it as it travelled further into my cradling fingers, forcing them apart as the girth became greater than I had ever known.”

To continue reading, and find out what led up to this moment, click here.

Feminine energy, male energy-it’s all just energy…

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