Gendermorph 1: Discovering The Girl Inside

Gendermorph Final1V2

I’m pleased to announce I’ve finally finished working on my new series of erotica-Gendermorph!

The First part has been uploaded and the rest will soon follow, I’ll write a new blog post for each one.

The Gendermorph books are based loosely on my own experiences of having a ‘pussy’ which my partner has managed to find and tease out of me. It made me think-what would it be like to actually shift gender? Would it be a struggle? Would having two different sets of genitals cause conflicting emotions, feelings and drives?

The series is obviously fiction but it’s based mainly on a simple metaphor of gender identity and what it would be like to explore that in a fantasy environment-mainly consequence free and enjoyable.

I would like to share the start of the section where Alex begins his metamorphic journey:

The sweat was really pouring from me down below and my fingers were slick with moisture. I pushed harder to gain purchase and create friction and, to my surprise, the flesh yielded-my fingers met with no resistance and melted into me as if my skin were made of marshmallow. They travelled inside me for a inch or two before I became aware of what was happening-my mind a mixture of fear and pure, primal lust.

My fingers were inside of me! This couldn’t be right. Skin should be there. Muscle and ligaments should be there. But they weren’t. As my fingers continued their journey I could feel labia forming around the outside of the opening. Panic gripped me as a tight, hot ball in my stomach and I quickly withdrew my fingers, accompanied by a vulgar slurping sound.

“What the…” I asked the empty space of the room before the sensation of my fingers passing over my freshly formed clit took the air from my lungs and caused me to twitch and pump a small amount of precum from the tip of my straining shaft.
I was still not fully awake or understood what was happening between my legs but now my fingers were no longer inside of me I felt empty-I needed them inside of me again. I ran my fingertips around the entire area as if I was reading braille and opened my legs slightly to aid my self exploration. Everything was there. Outer labia, inner lips and a clitoris protruding proudly and demanding my attention, aching to be touched.
I teased my the small bump with light movements and a rocket of pure sexual ecstasy shot throughout me. My hips surged upwards and I let go of both sets of genitals as I gripped the bed with my hands.

“Fuck me…” I sighed in disbelief at the sheer amount of feelings overwhelming my body. My hips lowered as I came down from the crest of the wave of bliss rocking throughout me. I gingerly snaked both hands toward my new hole and let my thighs fall open even wider, my touch becoming bolder by the second. I touched every bump, fold and crevice. Yep, there was definitely a fully formed pussy there. And she was hungry.”

To continue reading click here.

“What is most beautiful in virile men is something feminine; what is most beautiful in feminine women is something masculine.” – Susan Sontag

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